“Mario Draghi do something to mitigate the price increases” – Libero Quotidiano

“Energy economists are very alarmed: the October 1 gas bills could grow by more than 30%, those of electricity by + 20%. On October 1, the Arera energy authority will update the electricity and gas tariffs every three months, bringing them closer to production costs and international markets “. Thus wrote Il Sole 24 ore. Il Tempo takes the cue to launch an appeal : “There are still a few weeks left until 1 October. The Government do something to mitigate the price increases. Immediately. Mario, strike a shot “, writes the Roman newspaper addressing the premier.

Furthermore, Time launches another appeal: on tax bills. “Let us extend the truce to the Italians. They deserve it. It is true, there are also those who have not paid and perhaps could have done so, but most of the Italians who do not pay, after this year and a half of pandemic, are people in difficulty Parliament – this must be said – has asked for a return to block the collection, but the commitment to the government promoted by the Chamber is still only a formal commitment. Mario Draghi and the Government transform it, immediately, into reality“, the heartfelt request ends.

The National Consumers Union calculates that, assuming constant prices on an annual basis, the increases will result in an additional 56 euros for electricity and 158 euros for gas, for an extra cost of 214 euros per year; according to Codacons this series of increases could weigh up to 1,500 euros more per household.



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