María Luisa Godoy speaks, pregnant and in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19: “I don’t know how I got infected”

“I have not been with anyone who has a coronavirus,” the journalist revealed in the middle of an audiovisual record that she posted on her Instagram account in the midst of her quarantine, after testing positive for the coronavirus in the midst of her advanced seven-month pregnancy. gestation.

After the news about the contagion of coronavirus from Maria Luisa Godoy, who with seven months of pregnancy had to undergo the mandatory quarantine indicated in the health protocols for those who are diagnosed with this dangerous disease, the TVN morning entertainer recorded a video that she shared with her Instagram followers, a platform from which she illustrated about how he spends his days in the midst of his confinement.

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I want to thank you To all those who have sent me messages of affection ”, the communicator began.

“I’m fine, so far asymptomaticI hope to stay the same. I do not know how I got it, because I have not been with anyone who has coronavirus“The journalist later said before calling on people not to let their guard down in front of COVID-19.

You have to take good care of yourself, I really appreciate it, I will be counting anything. A giant kiss for those people who are with coronavirus and feel bad, and to the relatives who have not been able to see them ”, Godoy later assured in the audiovisual record through which he has received dozens of messages of support and signs of affection, in addition of good wishes for a prompt improvement.

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