Maria Ignatova and Noisy: We found that we can stay alone in a quiet room

Ivaylo Noisy Tsvetkov and Maria Ignatova PHOTO: BTV

“We found that we could stay alone in a quiet room.” This was stated in the program “120 minutes” on BTV by the actress Maria Ignatova and the cultural anthropologist Ivaylo Tsvetkov-Noisy as the main reason for getting married in September this year in the village of Zhiten.

The two said that they had known each other for a long time, even before the love between them arose. “We didn’t meet, we met,” Ignatova said. Regarding their wedding, the actress specified that she was modest and “as a result of love”. “It’s like a good book that you don’t want to end and we’re finishing the pages,” she added. According to Tsvetkov, “happiness is not an event, but a process.”

They also added their philosophical view that “Happiness is not an absolute category” and “Life has its ups and downs”.

At the beginning of the conversation, Noisy asked not to talk about politics, but made a brief comment: “Let the change not turn out to be the same as Gregor Zamza (literary hero of Franz Kafka, who turns into a large insect – b.a.). That is worse. “

Ivaylo Tsvetkov wished the audience not to forget that “we do not celebrate the fact that we are not at work, but we celebrate the Nativity of Christ.” Among the anthropologist’s other wishes were “less digital time” and “less bad taste.”


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