Marga Bult receives Major Bosshardt Prize for her work as a nurse in corona time

The jury of the Major Bosshardt Prize was unanimous in the decision to award the prize to Bult, who resumed her former profession during the corona crisis. She started working in nursing in a hospital in North Brabant, where she had to deal with corona patients a lot.

According to the jury, Bult symbolically represents, ‘through her efforts during the corona crisis in the Netherlands, the people who volunteered to provide assistance and (informal) care to loved ones during the corona pandemic in the Netherlands.’


“Although Marga Bult has built up a career as a singer and presenter, she is also trained and (has) been working as a nurse,” according to the jury. “When the corona pandemic broke out, the Dutch population was called upon to commit and help with services and care to their relatives. Marga took this call to heart and made herself available in care.”

The fact that Bult went back to work in nursing and thereby heeded a call to the Dutch population to commit themselves and help with care, fits Major Bosshardt’s way of life.

Good thoughts Major Bosshardt

“In this practical heart & hand approach, the jury recognizes a working method that also characterized Major Bosshardt. Using one’s own talents and skills in places where there is a need fits in with the philosophy of Major Bosshardt and the Salvation Army. The board and the jury of the Major Bosshardt Prize greatly appreciate how she uses her reputation in a positive way for the benefit of society.”

The Majoor Bosshardt Prize is a prize awarded by the Netherlands Positive Foundation in collaboration with the Salvation Army. The award was established in 2006 with the aim of commemorating the life and work of Alida Bosshardt, better known as Major Bosshardt.


At the beginning of this month, Bult announced that she no longer works in healthcare. She has stopped using it for private reasons, she reported on Twitter. She also did not want to be vaccinated.



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