Marcin Najman took the floor after disqualification! He explained why he did it

Marcin Najman probably forgot that the duel was supposed to be on a regular basis fighting boxing in little gloves. First, he pounced on his rival and threw him to the ground. The referee interrupted the duel, reprimanded Najman, but a moment later the former boxer kicked “Don Kasjo” and the duel was finally interrupted. Najman was disqualified and a brawl broke out. Both players kept calling names to each other until Najman went down to the dressing room and did not give an interview, unlike his rival, which can be read here >>

Scandalous behavior of Marcin Najman at Fame MMA! He was disqualified!

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Marcin Najman: I treated him like he did to my family

Marcin Najman he was escorted from the cage by security and was unable to speak after the duel. He did it via Twitter and Facebook. – I treated him the way he treated my family – wrote Najman. After a while, he deleted these entries.

Marcin Najman's entry deletedMarcin Najman’s entry deleted screen from Twitter

This is how he referred to the words “Don Cassio” before the fight. Before the fight, Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński suggested that Marcin Najman had entered into an affair with Monika Godlewska, one of the participants of Fame MMA. “El Testosteron” reacted very strongly to these words of its rival. – This pig says that the night after the gala there were crazy stories between me and Monika. It hurts me, my family and Monika herself. He will pay for it – says Najman, announcing the lawsuit “for a large amount”. – We are even thinking about PLN 100,000. I am convinced that this money will be awarded to me 100 percent. – he said in an interview with “Super Express” and added that he would donate the money for rehabilitation of Marek Piotrowski and Tomasz Gollob.

Marcin Najman - Cassius 'Don Kasjo' Życiński“Don Kasjo” summed up Marcin Najman in very vulgar words

Fame MMA authorities apologized to “Don Kasjo” and viewers for Marcin Najman’s behavior

The official position was immediately issued by Krzysztof Rozpara, the steward of the federation Fame MMA. – We apologize for the situation for Cassius, but also for our viewers. It has come to something it should never have happened. Najman will suffer the consequences – he said, entering the cage after the duel was over and announcing a separate conversation with Najman.

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