Trump announced the availability of data that can change the election results – RT in Russian

US President Donald Trump said there is a sufficient amount of data on fraud that could change the results of the past presidential elections in the country.

He wrote about this on his page в Twitter.

Why is Joe Biden so rushed to form a cabinet when my investigators uncovered hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes, enough to at least change the results in four states, which is more than enough to win an election in the end? – said Trump.

Together with this he expressed hopethat the courts and legislators will have the courage to take the necessary steps to “ensure the integrity of the elections.”

Earlier, Trump said that Pfizer, in his opinion, did not specifically stand before the elections. declare high performance its vaccine against the coronavirus infection COVID-19.

In mid-November, Biden called the reluctance of the US president to admit defeat in the elections a manifestation of “incredible irresponsibility.” According to him, Trump’s actions “are sending incredibly harmful messages to the whole world about how democracy works.”

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