Maradona in “shorts” at the residence of the new president of Argentina

Maradona in “shorts” at the residence of the new president of Argentina

Argentine legend Diego Armando Maradona has become the first athlete to meet Alberto Fernandez, the new president of Argentina.

Alberto Fernandez formally assumed the leadership of Argentina on the tenth of last December, and the current coach of Jimnasia La Plata met at the Presidential headquarters in an hour-long meeting.

After the president’s meeting, Maradona appeared on the balcony of the Casa Rosada Palace, carrying a miniature version of the World Cup, as he appeared during the reign of Raoul Alphonsen after winning the 1986 World Cup.

Maradona besa una réplica en miniatura de la Copa del Mundo. (Maxi Failla)

Maradona exclaimed from the president’s balcony saying: “They will not return again, they will not return again, Macri (the former president of Argentina) moved to Thailand“.

Maradona saluda al centerna de personas que se reunió en frente a Casa Rosada. (Maxi Failla)

Maradona tried to call the president without success, according to “TyC Sports” and then received a call from the president on the fourteenth of last December.

Maradona said on Instagram at the time: “Today I received a phone call from the president who proudly supports the Argentine people. He and his deputy know that we will not fight for dollars but bread, we are with you.”

The new president of Argentina is a supporter of Argentinos Juniors Club, through which Maradona started his football career.



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