Māra Sleja called her critic during the radio broadcast to explain – Celebrities

He had sent a text message to the studio phone with a negative opinion about Māra and her work, but the model decided to find out if the criticism was really justified and contacted the listener.

Mara openly says that she tries to remind herself every day that she is free from the assumptions and expectations of others. “The main thing is to be yourself and not lose yourself. It is very easy to lose yourself in all opinions. Well, very easy, ”says Māra in the show.

Therefore, again this time it was important for her to find out whether such a view was justified. “I called him and said – I read your text message, and it hurt me very, very much,” Mara remembers the unusual case, adding that she had a very constructive and pleasant conversation with this gentleman for seven minutes. “He gave cool arguments to the criticism, and then that criticism got real meaning. So I think the comments on the internet that are super short are useless, ”says Māra.


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