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Many are confused, this is the difference between red and blue Pertamina gas stations

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – As the market leader in Indonesia, Pertamina gas stations very easy to find on the edge of the highway. If you pay attention, there are two types of Pertamina gas stations that can be distinguished from the ones, namely red and biru.

The number of gas stations in red is of course far more numerous. Meanwhile, blue gas stations have only been mushrooming in the last few years.

But apparently, there are still many people who are still common with both types gas station This state-owned oil and gas company.

According to Pertamina’s MOR III Communication & CSR Unit Manager, Dewi Sri Utami, Pertamina gas stations are divided into two, namely Gas Station Surely Fit red and Definitely Prima Gas Station with the dominant blue color.

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The different color of the board is the main differentiator between Pertamina Pasti Prima gas station or Pertamina Pasti Pas gas station.

“In physical appearance, the Pasti Prima gas station has a blue totem / board and a red Pasti Pas,” said Dewi as quoted from Grid, Monday (21/3/2021).

For information, the Pasti Prima SPBU itself is a development of the Pasti Pas SPBU, which has been around since 2006, especially in terms of service.

SPBU Pasti Prima was launched in 2015, or when Ahmad Bambang’s Director of Marketing & Retail was held by Ahmad Bambang.

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Apart from the color of the nameplate, a striking physical difference between a red gas station and a blue gas station is the complementary facilities that are in the same area as the gas station.

Some of the supporting facilities for the Pasti Pas SPBU in red are usually standard facilities such as toilets, places of worship, filling the air, and sometimes minimarkets at several gas stations.

Meanwhile, for the Pasti Prima gas station in blue, it is usually certain that it has the facilities that the Pasti Pas gas station has, but with the addition of more complete facilities such as a cafe, ATM, workshop, food tenants, sales of lubricants and LPG, nitrogen, to fast food restaurants.

These additional services are referred to as non-fuel retail, both at gas stations that are managed and owned by the private sector, as well as those owned by Pertamina itself through PT Pertamina Retail.

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Certainly Prima is positioned as a lifestyle gas station that is ready to meet consumer needs while on the road.

Pertamina sees that the Pasti Prima standard was born because of the lifestyle of the people who want gas stations to be used one stop service.

Another physical difference is the screen dispenser. At certain gas stations, usually the nozzle is black on the bottom, while the gas station for Pasti Prima is green.

Apart from that, different from the Pasti Pas SPBU, whose red color is used on the operator uniform color and the pillars, SPBU Pasti Prima combines red and gray.

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