Manuel Rivas: Art for well-being

The Cauri artist poses with some of his works at Casa Chito.

The Cauri native, Manuel Rivas, returns to therapy while displaying his sensitive skill in the plastic arts, which he captures with a new drawing exhibition that he presents with the title Bravura en cardboard. In this way, the public can see in the Casa Chito establishment some creations in which the art of drawing and recycling is reflected. “Each work is made of corrugated cardboard and is brave because of the bullfighting theme,” explains the author himself. Regarding the technique, “it is as the French say Trois Cayons, three chalks on cardboard,” he comments.

This new exhibition also has a fundamental pillar, since it is made under what is called Art Therapy or what is the same, as therapy against the degenerative Ménière’s disease, which appeared in the life of Manuel Rivas and with which he has lived since some years ago. Eight drawings and “each work is unique,” he says while acknowledging that the creation of each of these works has helped him cope with “this degenerative and erosive disease that has occupied all my time and space, each one of them was born in a certain moment, in the silence of the early morning,” he confesses. “In the face of defeat, there is nothing like taking a piece of cardboard and turning it into a work of art with the help of fingers and school chalk, imagination and the colors of hope and life in those gray hours,” he explains. .

2023-12-10 13:29:50
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