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Manon Marsault separated from Julien Tanti and at worst because of her pregnancy? She makes revelations


When one wonders if Jazz will be in the cast of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5 against Jessica Thivenin and Manon Marsault, the latter has been separated from Julien Tanti for several days. If this absence is difficult for the candidate of Marseillais in the Caribbean, so is her pregnancy. As a reminder, Manon Marsault is seven months pregnant and she is expecting a baby girl whom they will name Angelina. On Wednesday July 8, 2020, Tiago’s mom revealed on her Snapchat account that she has had many complexes since she was pregnant. If she first announced that she was happy not to have taken “that 5 kilos”, she later revealed that she had pimples and cellulite.

Manon Marsault confided: “I got serious cellulite on my thighs and calves. I have pregnancy acne too. The doctor prescribed me a cream, but I can’t do any crazy treatments. I’m a little ashamed, I’m not hiding it from you. If I have to make a few appearances in cross country, I get drunk with my pimples and my cellulite. Especially since I bought shorts and lots of cool stuff. (. ..) Either I hide it, or I assume. It gets me drunk “. So these are words that prove that the young mother suffers from complex. But, at the editorial, we want to reassure the candidate who is more radiant than ever since her second pregnancy. Also, know that since the departure of Julien Tanti, Manon Marsault has been on the verge of a nervous breakdown.



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