Mangkrak apartment, 20 years early installment!


The Chinese real estate crisis suffered heavy losses. One of them is Li (pseudonym), a 34-year-old man who canceled his marriage due to this condition.

He bought them an apartment to live in. At the time he was planning to marry his future wife who was pregnant.

Instead of living happily with his wife and son, Li had to endure the mortgage payments that followed him for the next 20 years. This is due to the interruption of an apartment building project he bought in the central Chinese province of Hunan.


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“She said the unfinished apartment wasn’t a house, so she miscarried and broke up with me,” Li recalled, as quoted by CNA, Wednesday (10/5/2022).

“The abortion took away all my faith. My whole world fell apart. I was so desperate but there was nothing I could do,” she said.

He said men in China are almost impossible to marry if they don’t have one property. At a minimum, you must have a residence or apartment.

Li’s unfinished apartment tells many stories. It tells of the emotional load linked to the physical home of the Chinese.

There are 35 million more women in China than there are men. This means that the competition for marriage is very close. Many future in-laws do not let their daughters marry homeless.

And it tells the human story behind the collapse of China’s housing market, which has been making headlines lately. Millions of Chinese are in uncertainty due to cash-strapped developers and construction disruption.

In this regard, thousands of homebuyers have threatened to boycott homeownership loan (KPR) payments. One of them is Li.

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