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The police continue the pat hunt on Stig Millehaugen (53) convicted of double murder. On Thursday afternoon, a man was arrested and charged with assistance.


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VG is informed that the man was arrested around 4 pm.

A man has been arrested, but he will be released. He has been arrested and charged with assistance, says police inspector Trude Buanes at the Oslo police district to VG.

According to VG’s information, there is a close relationship between Millehaugen and the arrested man.

Millehaugen has been wanted since he was absent after a six-hour leave from Trondheim prison on Wednesday.

The police immediately sounded the national alarm. In the hours that followed, an intense search began for the 53-year-old sentenced to detention.

On Thursday, the police carried out several actions in connection with the search.

LOOKING: The police carried out several actions in connection with the hunt on Millehaugen on Thursday. Here at an address in Eastern Norway.

– We have several operations underway and do not want to confirm anything more specific now, police inspector Trude Maren Buanes in the Oslo police district informs VG just before 10 pm on Thursday.

Millehaugen has been in prison all his adult life after being convicted of car thefts, burglary and armed robbery.

In 2012, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison, the law’s most severe punishment, for premeditated murder of Young Guns leader Mohammad “Jeddi” Javed. The minimum term was set at ten years. He has always denied criminal guilt.

For the last ten years he has served time in Trondheim prison.

The investigation so far indicates that Millehaugen has traveled by plane from Værnes Airport to Oslo Airport at 12 o’clock on Wednesday morning, as VG described on Wednesday night, and further taken the air train to Oslo Central Station, the police inform.

Earlier that morning, police conducted a major police operation in Vinterbro.

Millehaugen is also wanted internationally by Interpol. The organization for international police cooperation provides detailed descriptions of Millehaugen’s appearance, and also mentions what he has been convicted of.

WANTED: Norwegian police have asked Interpol to issue a public “red notice” on Stig Millehaugen. A “red notice” is issued for suspects in criminal cases or convicts who evade imprisonment.

according to a judgment of 2002 Millehaugen has escaped at least three times before.

  • Millehaugen escaped from Berg district prison in July 1992 where he was sentenced for aggravated robbery.
  • When he was remanded in custody for these new robberies, he escaped from Sarpsborg prison in December 1992.
  • In October 2000, he was absent from leave at Ullersmo National Prison and escaped with his girlfriend. He was first arrested in June 2001.

read more about Millehaugen’s escapes here.

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