Mamaev about 2 goals in 2 games for “Rostov”: “I bring benefits to the team. They took me for this ”- Football

Midfielder “Rostov” Pavel Mamaev spoke out after the RPL match with the Tula “Arsenal” (2: 1).

– How are you feeling? You first played 90 minutes in an official match after a long time.

– While you feel tired, as preparation for this game was, to put it mildly, crumpled. Thanks to our physiotherapists and the medical staff, I think we will all recover and be well prepared for the next game.

– Two games – two goals. While everything goes as you want?

– Of course, it’s nice. The important thing is that in these two games the team won. For me, the important point is that I benefit the team. In principle, for this, I think, they took me to the club.

– How important are these three points with Arsenal at the end of the season?

– Very important, but just like in any other game. We will go out to the next match and play only to win, because we have tasks that need to be completed.

– You made beautiful feints several times, played with your heel. Did it to the public, or did it according to the situation on the field?

– It’s not that to the public … It just happens in some situations on the field. At the subconscious level, this is probably what happens.

– How do you like the support of the club fans?

– The support of the fans was just crazy! Although the stadium was not full, as in previous matches, but still there was a feeling that the stands were full. Thank you all for your support, in the current circumstances we really need it. Fans are our 12th player to help achieve results.

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– I like how you were met in the city?

– Incredibly pleased with how I was met. I directly enjoy it a lot while being here in Rostov. I feel the warmth and love of the fans, how the city lives by football and our team, ”Mamaev said.

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