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Alappuzha: A gold smuggler was abducted from Mannar after he left his gold at the Mali airport. Point. The bag was handed over by Hanifa from Dubai who told her to bring it home. Bindu told reporters that he left the airport in Mali after realizing that it was gold. They also alleged that the person who came to buy the bag containing the gold in his possession was stopped outside the airport.

The kidnappers also assaulted him in his car. The group was taken to Nelliyampathi. Bindu also revealed that he knew Harris and Shihab in the group.

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I woke up at half past one on Monday morning to the sound of knocking on the door. There were ten or twenty. Bindu said he was abducted after breaking into the house. Bindu revealed that Hanifa was abducted by a group of relatives including Harris and Shihab and that they were assaulted in the car.

Bindu arrived at Kochi Airport on February 19 from Dubai via Mala Island. Earlier, it was found that Hanifa had arranged a visiting visa to Dubai.

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Meanwhile, customs also launched an investigation into the incident. A customs team from Kochi reached the Mannar police station on Tuesday afternoon and collected information. Then we reached Bindu’s house. But as Bindu was in the hospital, they could not be questioned.

Police have arrested Peter, a native of Mannar, who helped the gang that abducted Bindu. It was Peter who showed Bindu’s house.

Bindu, who was returning from the Gulf, was abducted around 2 a.m. Monday. During the investigation, the gang abandoned Bindu near Palakkad North and passed by.

Bindu, who had previously worked in Qatar, returned home and went to Dubai on a visitor’s visa 40 days ago in search of work. He returned on the 19th. In the meanwhile, some people went to Kurattikatte’s house several times in search of Bindu. On the 20th, Rajesh went home and asked for gold.

When Bindu told him that no one had given him the gold, Rajesh returned saying that the man had changed. Then some came asking for gold. A group of about 15 people surrounded the house at around 1.30 am yesterday. They asked, but the door did not open, so they broke down the front door with deadly weapons and went inside.

Bindu, who was knocking on the door and calling the police, was abducted by the gang after breaking down the door. Bindu’s mother Jagadamma was injured in the attack. Nine people, including Bindu’s husband and brother, were at home at the time but could not resist. Bindu, who was abandoned on the way, called an autorickshaw and reached Vadakkancherry station.

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