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Making Book Donations Easier: Knihobot and Rohlik.cz Collaborate

The largest Czech book secondhand Knihobot and the largest domestic e-grocery store Rohlik.cz have launched a project this year that aims to make the process of donating books easier for customers and at the same time get more unused publications into circulation. The customer can hand over unnecessary books to the courier when ordering groceries. From the start of the project in May of this year to the end of June, they carried out a total of 2,371 book collections. For this service, Rohlík already received 241,000 crowns, which he obtained from Knihobot for mediating imports.

According to Rohlík CEO Martin Behána, a number of customers confided on the Internet that they had wanted to donate unnecessary books in the home for a long time, but never got around to doing so. Handing the books to the courier while picking up their regular grocery order worked best for them. In May and June, people sent over 35,000 books into circulation.

Rohlik.cz sends the proceeds to charity

Rohlik.cz decided to donate the earnings from imports worth 241 thousand crowns to charitable purposes to help children from children’s homes, specifically to the Veronika Kašáková Foundation.

“This service has received only the most positive feedback since day one. This is also proven by the considerable amount that was collected for the endowment fund during the first two months of its operation,” says Beháň. At the same time, he adds that he plans to continue the cooperation.

Knihobot has recruited new suppliers

Knihobot also perceives the project as successful. “Thanks to Rohlík, we gained more than three thousand new book suppliers, and that’s only in the first two months of cooperation. Moreover, most of them were first-time buyers – they used our service for the first time,” explains the head of the second-hand book seller Dominik Gazdoš.

The donation process is described by the companies as simple. The customer just needs to prepare the books in advance in an unnecessary bag, in which he puts a label with a phone number and e-mail. The courier picks up a bag of books from the customer when handing over the purchase. The books are then delivered to Knihobot via a courier. There, the publications are paired with the customer and entered into the sales system. After the sale of each submitted book, the customer receives 60 percent of the sale price minus 29 crowns as a handling fee. Rohlík’s service is used by customers in the capital, but also in regions where the company normally imports orders. Books can be handed over to couriers at any delivery of the purchase.

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