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Mainland Netizens Besiege Jackie Chan, Who Introduced Yi Yang Qianxi on Stage – The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, April 06, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan lamented when he was promoting his new film in the mainland a few days ago. Nowadays, the film industry only pays attention to appearance and traffic when looking for actors, which makes many action actors feel helpless. way out. He especially took the mainland “post-00s” actor Yi Yangqianxi as an example, saying that because of his high popularity, someone would invest 400 million (RMB, the same below) to make a film at any time. Some self-pitying remarks triggered a siege by mainland netizens.

Jackie Chan, whose own martial arts skills have been questioned by the industry, recently attended the premiere of his new film “The Spirit of the Dragon Horse” in Beijing, criticizing the industry atmosphere of Chinese movies: “There are fewer and fewer real action actors, unlike our era, when you know kung fu and kung fu.” Just be the leading actor if you fight. Not now, now everyone needs to be good-looking and handsome, tall, rich and handsome, it doesn’t matter if you can’t fight, we will find a substitute, and the bosses and investors of the film company are also willing to invest.”

Jackie Chan gave an example: “I am filming “Drunken Master 3″ now. I am looking for He Jun (a member of the family class) to do it. I am looking for an investor. I will not vote for 10 million. ‘Who will be the male lead’, He Jun, no; and Yi Yang Qianxi, vote 400 million, good! Vote!” He was quite dissatisfied and said: “As long as there is traffic, popularity, and gravity, it is enough, so many real action guys, from ‘Tagou’ and ‘Shaolin’ , he has no chance, so he can only start with martial arts.”

Jackie Chan, who has been on the CCP’s platform all year round, may not want to deny Yi Yangqianxi, who is officially regarded as a “youth idol” by the CCP, but he is self-pitying because of the living environment of martial arts actors, and he defines Yi Yangqianxi as the traffic suppressed by the government Star, triggering mainland netizens to siege: “Did Yi Yang Qianxi offend you?” “Could it be that the film industry should be dominated by martial arts actors, and other actors who don’t know kung fu just have no strength and shouldn’t be popular?” “Only actions Can an actor be the protagonist?”

Some netizens defended Yi Yangqianxi while criticizing Jackie Chan: “(Jackie Chan) said this as if he (Yi Yangqianxi) is just a vase, negating all his efforts in one sentence.” Traffic is on him (Yi Yangqianxi) Qianxi) has never been a derogatory term. “

In fact, at the end of last month, “Jackie Chan choked up and talked about the situation of action actors” was on Weibo’s hot search. At that time, he said in an interview, “I also wanted to find a second Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan’s English name), but it was very difficult and the market didn’t need it. No matter how good you are, you must look good now, without you You can fight, you don’t need to know how to act, just stand there, all the actions are done by a stand-in.”

Jackie Chan’s above remarks sparked heated discussions among mainland netizens. Those “actors” that Jackie Chan said are “good-looking, just stand there” are believed to point to mainland traffic stars in recent years.

Some netizens questioned that Jackie Chan himself often uses doubles in filming, and his kung fu has always been questioned.

Luo Lixian, a well-known stuntman in Hong Kong, once broke the news that in many movies Jackie Chan starred in, some classic dangerous moves were done by stand-ins.

In the early years in Hong Kong, it has been rumored that “Fist has Chen Huimin, legs have Bruce Lee”. Chen Huimin, who is as famous as Bruce Lee, once commented on the martial arts stars in Hong Kong in an interview earlier. He believed that the real kung fu star was only Bruce Lee, and said, “Jackie Chan is just a showman. A juggler.” Cheng Peipei was asked in an interview, “Does Chen Gangsheng (Jackie Chan) know kung fu?” As a result, she bluntly said: “Bruce Lee really knows kung fu, and Jackie Chan is full of punches and embroidered legs.”

As a Hong Kong actor, Jackie Chan frequently stands for the CCP and has been criticized by all walks of life in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In 2009, Jackie Chan caused huge controversy because of his speeches such as “Hong Kong and Taiwan are too free” and “Chinese people should be managed” at the Boao Forum; People who expressed their support for the violent suppression of peaceful protests by the Hong Kong police expressed their “loyalty” to the CCP in a high-profile interview with the CCP’s CCTV, saying that they would grab the “flag guard”; in July 2021, Jackie Chan declared at a symposium in Beijing that he wanted to do Members of the Communist Party of China once again aroused ridicule in public opinion.

Jackie Chan has always been scandal-ridden. The well-known mainland blogger Bobo previously published a blog post “Jackie Chan’s Top 10 Debut Scandals Denounced by Hundreds of Millions of Netizens”, taking stock of Jackie Chan’s 10 major scandals since his debut, including starring in third-level movies, illegitimate daughters, car shocks, and fraudulent donations , Kiss door, money laundering door, endorsement door, love history corruption, etc. The blog post was reposted one after another, and Jackie Chan was once named “Top Ten Scumbags of the Year” by mainland netizens.

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