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Original title: Maguire missed the ball and scored a brace, England fans booed

CCTV News: England drew 3-3 at home to Germany in the sixth round of UEFA Nations League Level A Group C 27 September, two of the home team’s three goals conceded directly responsible for Maguire. England fans angrily expressed dissatisfaction with Maguire.

In the 51st minute of play Maguire made a mistake when he was busy with the ball in the backcourt and passed the ball directly to Musiala, then defending Muciara’s breakthrough in the penalty area, Maguire directly landed the opponent and l referee conceded to the German team. A penalty kick, Gundogan took the penalty easily and England fell 0-1 behind. The goal conceded by England is entirely Maguire’s responsibility.

At 66 ‘England attacked in the frontcourt. Maguire receives a pass from his teammate on the left and loses the ball under close pressure from the opponent. Germany immediately counterattacked, and in the end Havertz scored a wonderful goal. The wave world, England was 0-2 behind. The main responsibility for the goal is also on Maguire.

Since then, England have scored three goals in a row and the German team scored a draw and the match ended 3-3. After the match, England fans scolded Maguire as the culprit for the team’s failure to win.

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