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Maebashi Mayoral Election 2023: Incumbent Ryu Yamamoto vs Newcomer Akira Ogawa – Candidates, Issues, and Election Process

Supporters in high spirits in Maebashi City

Votes will be counted on the 4th in the Maebashi mayoral election, which will determine the prefectural capital’s leader for the next four years. The candidates are both independents, including incumbent Ryu Yamamoto (64), who is seeking his fourth term, recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, and newcomer Akira Ogawa (41), a former prefectural assembly member who is aiming to become the first female mayor in the city’s history. . Both camps are making their voices heard as they try to capture the last votes. (Manabu Suzuki)

The issues at issue include the evaluation of Yamamoto’s 12-year government for three terms and the pros and cons of multiple elections. While both candidates have pledged to make school meals free of charge, they have different opinions on the digitalization of administrative operations and new incineration plants.

Yamamoto, with the support of Governor Ichita Yamamoto and local, public and local government officials, waged an organizational campaign, holding general meetings for each industry. The Liberal Democratic Party is keen to tighten up on news reports that show it is in the lead, conscious of the scrutiny that will be directed at the Liberal Democratic Party on issues surrounding “politics and money.” He announced a new anti-inflation benefit of 30,000 yen per household for elderly households, and a 50% cut in the mayor’s salary.“We will not stop what we are doing now.Please let us complete the work.”

Ms. Ogawa is a “Citizen’s Party,” which receives nominations only from Rengo Gunma, and does not accept nominations from political parties.With the slogans “Put a female mayor in the prefectural capital” and “Change Maebashi,” Ogawa is a grassroots party that seeks to spread support to individual citizens who desire change. Commit to elections. She emphasized children and childcare policies and expansion of agricultural support, saying, “I have no intention of stopping urban redevelopment or digitalization.What I want to stop is city administration that does not listen to the voices of citizens.” Incorporate.

A total of three former and new candidates are running for the city council by-election (two candidates), and votes will be counted on the 4th, the same day as the mayoral election.

Voting will be held at 98 locations across the city from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the exception of some areas. Vote counting will begin at 8:15 p.m. at the municipal Maebashi High School gymnasium, and the majority of voters are expected to be counted by 9:30 p.m. As of January 27, the number of people registered on the electoral roll is 275,853.

◆Candidates for Maebashi mayoral election (in order of submission)

◇Ryu Yamamoto (Yamamoto Ryu) 64 Mugen <3>

Mayor, Kusatsu town political advisor (former) LDP prefectural general affairs chairman, prefectural assembly, House of Representatives secretary ▽ Waseda University LDP

◇Akira Ogawa 41 No new

Lawyer, Maebashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Women’s Association member (former) Prefectural Assembly member, Chuo University

◆Maebashi City Council by-election candidates (number of candidates 2 – 3 candidates) = Order of notification

Daisuke Yoshihara 49 Kyoshin

Lin Lun History 38 Wuyuan

Eiji Ogawa 56 Meiji Restoration

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