Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona Beat UEFA in Court


Real Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona win over UEFA in court on European Super League matters. The results of the trial stated that UEFA must stop the threat of punishment to the three teams.

UEFA condemned the existence of the European Super League. So far Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona are the three clubs that are still insistent on rolling out ESL.

Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City have previously announced their withdrawal from participation in ESAL. Not long ago AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid also withdrew.

Madrid, Juventus, and Barcelona did not remain silent on all the threats posed by UEFA. The three clubs then took the case to the European Union Court which was presented by the Spanish judge, Manuel Ruiz de Lara.

The result was a win for the three clubs. Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona announced their victory in court through their respective official websites with the same content.

“FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid CF welcome today’s court ruling that UEFA has an obligation to waive action against all founding clubs of the European Super League, including ending disciplinary proceedings against the three clubs still involved and removing any penalties imposed on them. to the nine founding clubs so that they avoid disciplinary action from UEFA.”

UEFA must now comply with court decisions. If they violate it, UEFA will be subject to the law and there will also be a review of the football monopoly.

“The court supports the request made by the promoter of the European Super League, rejects UEFA’s application, and reiterates the warning to UEFA that failure to comply with the decision will result in fines and potential criminal liability. The case will be assessed by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which will review UEFA’s monopoly position on European football.”

“We have a duty to address a very serious problem facing football: UEFA has positioned itself as the sole regulator, exclusive operator and rights owner of European football competitions. This monopolistic position undermines football and the competitiveness of the competition. It has been proven that the field of financial management they are inadequate and have been enforced in an irregular manner. Clubs participating in European competitions have the right to regulate their own competitions.”

“We are pleased to no longer bow to UEFA’s threats. Our goal is to continue to develop the Super League project in a constructive and cooperative manner. We will always rely on all bodies with an interest in the game of football: fans, players, coaches, clubs, leagues and national associations. and internationally. We recognize that there are elements of our proposal that must be changed and, of course, can be improved through dialogue and deliberation. We remain confident in the success of this project and will always comply with EU legislation.”

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