European Super League Like Zombies, Dead Again

Jakarta – The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA), as the supporters’ union in England and Wales, criticized the plan to revive the idea European Super League (European Super League). According to them, what is ‘already dead’ does not need to ‘live again’. When ESL was first announced in 2021, fans in England immediately rejected it completely, […]

Scorn for the Revival of the European Super League

Jakarta – Attempts to revive European Super League (European Super League) immediately responded cynically by Association of European Clubs (ECAs). In their official statement, the current European competition will move in a better direction. “ECA is aware of the latest news from the fantasy world of A22 Sports Management (the initiator of the new ESL […]

A plan for the return of the European Super League despite the failure

Berlin (DPA / Stats Perform)The idea of ​​the European Super League resurfaced after the tournament’s dissident leadership promised fans would sympathize with the idea.The idea of ​​launching the Super League fell through last year, after nine clubs from 12 institutions withdrew from the idea, due to pressure from the public and the media, as well […]

‘Super League needs to be played, but don’t invite English clubs’

Jakarta – CEO Monza Adriano Galliani evaluate European Super League need to be held to increase the competitiveness of European clubs. However, according to him, Premier League clubs do not need to be invited. Galliani’s remarks stem from the fact that the Premier League is currently the football competition with the highest broadcasting rights value […]

Juventus boss branded the Vladimir Putin of football

London – President UEFA, Alexander Ceferinstill criticizing Andrea Agnelli related European Super League† bunch Juventus it’s stamped Vladimir Putinits football. Agnelli became one of the initiators in initiating the European Super League project, which was opposed by many parties last year. The ambitious project was initiated by 12 giant European clubs, namely Manchester United, Manchester […]

LaLiga, CVC, Florentino and the class ‘struggle’

August was a real earthquake for Spanish football, with its epicenter in Madrid and aftershocks throughout the country as more details about LaLiga’s agreement with CVC became known. And, although with less intensity, we have been going for a few days and it will continue like this until December 10, when the situation will be […]

Lionel Messi relinquishes hat-trick, Liverpool wins game of the season in Madrid

The Champions League brought a sensational game day on Tuesday, with five goals in PSG-RB Leipzig and Atlético Madrid-Liverpool, while Manchester City in Belgium and Real Madrid alone scored five. Yet the surprise of the day was brought together by Ajax. RB Leipzig, standing up with Péter Gulácsi and Willi Orbán, was 3-2 as a […]

Juventus Loss IDR 3.5 Trillion, Still Struggling to Form Super League

Turin – Juventus suffered financial losses in the last year. Unmitigated, the number increased by 134 percent compared to last year. The report was announced on the official Juventus website, Friday (17/9/2021). During the financial year, i.e. July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021, Juventus suffered a loss of 209.9 million Euros, or around Rp. […]