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Maciej Brudzewski Roasts Beltway Driving in Gdańsk – Hilarious Stand-up Comedy

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Maciej Brudzewski assesses the situation from the belt

“Who went long time to Gdańsk today? I certainly did,” he asked the audience Maciej Brudzewski, to stand. When someone from the audience told him that he came from Olsztyn, he replied: “- No, I didn’t come here from Olsztyn, but I drove as much as coming from Olsztyn. And I was coming from Gdynia. ” What other daily realities of Beltway drivers did he point out?

“How Gdańsk Drafts” by Maciej Brudzewski

Maciej Brudzewski is a popular comedian from Olsztyn, so it is not without reason that this city was mentioned at the beginning of the film. However, local fans of this type of entertainment may know him: he has been playing regularly in the Tricity for years – not only at stand-up events, but also private events as a star the evening He has also participated in television productions “Only for Adults TVP” and in the Comedy Central program “Comedy Club”.

Recently, Brudzewski took the Tri-City bypass to the workshop and talked about what he faces almost every time as a driver, of course with a pinch of salt. So he talks about traffic jams, chaotic driving, speeds changing strangely on the lanes, accidents that are suspicious regularly at 16 in Osowa and I believe when the road upgrade is finished about eventually, everyone will actually drive fast and have no reason to complain.

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Do you agree with his views?

Those who loved the humor of Maciej Brudzewski, they will be able to see it live on June 6 w New Harem Club in Gdynia.

This sketch was written by life. Cabaret about public transport in Tricity

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