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Macabre discovered at Pointe Noire

The residents of Pont de Colas in Pointe Noire made a macabre discovery this morning. A body floated in the river. Called on the spot, the emergency services brought out the body of a young man who has not yet been identified.

Difficult to understand what happened and who is at the origin of the macabre discovery made by the residents of the Colas bridge at Pointe Noire, not far from Espace Vanneau.
In the river, just below the bridge, a body floated.
When help arrived, he was able to get out of the water. First observation, it is a young man of 15 or 20 years old whose body is already in a state of cadaverous rigidity.
In all likelihood, it is a fall from the bridge that is the cause of death. However, and as things stand, there is nothing to say whether it is a voluntary or accidental act.
According to the first testimonies collected on the spot, the thesis of suicide is privileged.
Alerted by the news, the young man’s father tries to understand what could have happened Warned by the gendarmes, the mayor of Pointe Noire immediately came to the spot, also affected by this drama which affects a family in the commune
Camille Elisabeth, mayor of Pointe Noire

Camille Elisabeth, mayor of Pointe Noire

-The public prosecutor of Basse-Terre immediately opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of this death.

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