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2023/02/06 13:35 Weather News

At around 10:17 on February 6 (Monday) Japan time, there was a large-scale earthquake overseas. The epicenter was in the Middle East (Turkey), and the scale (magnitude) of the earthquake is estimated to be 7.8. There is no worry of tsunami to Japan from this earthquake. (Added at 10:47)

The epicenter is presumed to be inland, and strong tremors may have struck near the epicenter.
*Hypocenters are from the National Earthquake Information Center (USGS, NEIC), US Geological Survey.

Due to this earthquake, a maximum sea level change of 0.13 m was observed near the epicenter. After that, a sea level change of 0.17m was also observed in eastern Cyprus.

▼ Observed tsunami height (announced by Turkish authorities at 13:16)
0.17m Famagusta Cyprus
0.13m Erdemli, Mersin Province, Turkey
0.12m Iskenderun, Hatay Province, Turkey (added at 13:30)

Shaking near the epicenter with a seismic intensity of 5 to 6 in Japan

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