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M5S, chased away dissident Comparison: “He voted against the group’s directives”. Him: «Expelled from nowhere»

The expulsion of Paragone was in the air. The Senator’s reply is ready: «I was expelled from nowhere. When you lose 2 out of 3 voters, you expel nothing. I am one of the many voters expelled from the Palazzo Movement ». For some time, the former M5S senator has spared no criticism of top management and colleagues and has voted against the Budget law. But the expulsion of Paragone also sounds like a warning to the other dissidents: the leaders, with Luigi Di Maio in the lead, have gone on the counterattack and, as had already happened in the last few months, they have no qualms about leaving on malpancisti and escaped responsibility for keeping the majority. “Someone goes to the Misto saying that there is a problem of verticality, but they are the same who came to ask me for a charge”, is the thrust of the political chief to the ex education minister Lorenzo Fioramonti, who is not even mentioned after the farewell to dicastery and Movement. And the ax of the leaders could fall, with disciplinary sanctions, also on the latecomers in the reimbursements. Practice that Di Maio defends: “It is not true that only 12%” of the M5S parliamentarians are in order “, underlines the minister in a long live video on Fb.

Who knows if the top counteroffensive, and the opposition of Conte himself, does not stop the project of a new group – the name that runs in the rumors of the building is “Eco” – that Fioramonti has in mind. With him there would be a squad of M5S deputies and some ex of the Five stars. But to have a group, at least 20 deputies are needed. It is therefore possible that at least initially a component is composed in the Mixed. Di Maio, meanwhile, pulls straight. He announces that regional facilitators will be appointed soon and focuses on the general states of March, which in the leader’s plans should register a sort of new beginning of the M5S. “In 2020 we will be crucial and to be so we must be more structured and compact”, says Di Maio again claiming the “40 measures approved thanks to the M5S”.

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