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M.G. Sethulakshmi and Sanjana Lead Maharaja’s College to Victory in Kalotsavam: Full Recap and Results

04 March 2024, 02:00 AM IST

M.G. Sethulakshmi and Sanjana won the cup for Maharaja’s College in Kalotsavam.

Photo: Mathrubhumi

Kottayam: In close competition Ernakulam Maharaja’s College M.G. It was sweet revenge when Kalotsava regained the crown. This victory was scored by 129 points. Ernakulam St. Teresa’s is in the second position with 111 points.

Tamim Rahman, chairman of Maharajas College, cannot contain his joy as he says that the victory saw a clear goal to reclaim the cup after 17 years. They were in second place for many years. There was a big twist in the points on Sunday, the last day of the festival.

Thevara SH, which was at the top of the points table from the first day. Maharajas crowned the college by relegating it to the third position. Ernakulam St. Teresa’s, Tripunithura R.L.V. Colleges battled each other for the next position.

Point status

SH College, Thevara-102, RLV College of Music and Fine Arts, Tripunithura-102, UC College, Aluva-40, CMS College, Kottayam-28

St. Thomas College, Pala-26, Mahatma Gandhi University Campus-26, Sreesankara College, Kaladi-20, S.B. College Changanassery-20

S. Vishnu Pratibha; K.S. Sethulakshmi, P. Nandana Krishnan Tilak

Kalapratibha Tripunithura R.L.V. First year college B.A. Bharatanatyam student S. Vishnu. The artistic talent has won first place in folk dance, Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. Vishnu was also in the group dance that won 2nd place in college, scoring 15 points.

Ernakulam St. Teresa’s College postgraduate student K.S. Sethulakshmi scored 13 points. Won 1st position in running and folk dance and 2nd position in Kerala dance. Kalathilaka was also in 2023.

Thevara SH. P.Nandana Krishnan, a second year graduate student of the college won first prize for English and Hindi poetry recitation and second prize for ODC with 13 points. She is the daughter of Gopalakrishnan and Srilata from Kodungallur East.

Pratibhatilakam Sanjana Chandran

B.A. from St. Teresa’s College won the award for transgender category. Bharatanatyam student Sanjana Chandran. Won first position in Lalithaganam and classical music and second position in Bharatanatyam. Sanjana was the star in 2023.

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