Lozère: Fage-Saint-Julien invites to its international folklore festival

After two years of interruption, the village of Aubrac opens its doors to the cultures of the world, from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 August. With novelties, for the 25th anniversary of the adventure.

The 25th anniversary of the Cultures du monde festival was to be celebrated in 2019, at La Fage-Saint-Julien. Due to Covid-19, the shows were interrupted for two years.

They will resume this Thursday, August 11, for four evenings devoted to international folklore, but according to new methods. “This year we are changing placesdetails Francis Sartre, the mayor of La Fage-Saint-Julien, who is carrying the event with the Kezako association. We had time to set up a new place, and to acquire new capitals. It will be more comfortable, we will be less confined. And parking will be nearby.

“It’s very modern”

To praise the festival, the one who has been mayor of the town of northern Lozère since 1989 explains that it is “today’s folklore. All the groups we invite are in research. It’s very modern.”

But since the health crisis“we no longer have the same benchmarks. It’s very complicated, because of the international context. We have reprogrammed a third of the countries. We had to reorient ourselves. There are no countries of east, because of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. The other difficulty is visas. The formalities have been tightened. Until the groups have boarded the plane, we do not know not if they come. This is the case of all the countries of Africa”.

Including Tunisia, with the National Company of Popular Arts which is on the program for the evening of Friday, August 12.

Unesco convention

To welcome all these folk groups from all over the planet, the Lozère organization is a stakeholder in the Festivals du Sud association, with speakers from Spain, Switzerland and Belgium.

“There is an agreement with Unesco for this kind of eventexplains Francis Sartre. And we work with the towns of Castres and Vic-sur-Cère. After the four evenings at La Fage, on August 15 we all have to go to Vic. Even if there are still uncertainties, compared to the groups present.

But anyway, the small town of Aubrac, which includes 11 villages, expects to receive 600 to 800 spectators each evening. “The last day always overflows”, warns the city councilor. He reveals that to organize such an event, “it takes tenacity. I deal with it all year round. But there is such human warmth”. Emotion that emerges in the audience.

Gold of the Americas

On Thursday, August 11, the first evening is subtitled the gold of the americas, with sets from Mexico and Argentina. The next day, place for Wonders of the worldArgentina, Tunisia, Costa Rica.

The evening of Saturday August 13 is devoted to Planet danceswith groups from Tahiti, Djibouti, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica.

Finally Sunday August 14, special evening colors of the worldwith ensembles from Argentina, Tahiti, Zimbabwe, Albania.

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