I took 21 million for AM “Hemus”, do you think I care about a fine of 5000?

“I took an advance of 21 million for the “Hemus” car. Do you think I care about a fine of 5 thousand BGN?”. This was written by the head of the company that is building the long-suffering “Dame Gruev” street in the “Yuzhen” district in response to a question from a Plovdiv resident as to why the street lanes are smaller than the imperative requirement of the law. The scandalous dialogue became public knowledge after it was posted on Facebook, a reporter saw Plovdiv24.bg.

“Why aren’t you ashamed to make the lanes of “Dame Gruev” 2.60 m wide, while buses with dimensions of 2.80-3.00 m wide also pass there? This means that a bus will enter the neighboring lane. You probably didn’t think about this, eh? This should definitely be included in the biography of your incompetent company” – writes Stoyan Tabachev. He also published a link with information that DNSK has issued penal decrees for the construction of lots 4 and 5 of AM “Hemus” to the construction companies, one of which is the company “Parsek Group” EOOD.

“I took an advance of 21 million for AM “Hemus”. Do you think I care about a fine of 5 thousand BGN?” – answers the builder Boncho Bonev.

When told that this is an illegal construction, Bonev replies that he doesn’t care. However, Tabachev continues:

“With these widths of the lanes, there is no way to take act 15 and 16, because there is a law that is imperative about the width of the road lanes and that they should not be smaller than 3 m”.

Bonev first answers that in such a case there will be no act 15 and 16, and then asks why he should take such documents. “Because when you build something, it still has to be put into operation in order for it to be legal,” the Plovdiv native patiently explains.

“I get my money with act 19 of the Civil Code. Commissioning is a problem of the municipality. There is a construction supervision and he submits the request for commissioning” – the construction boss concludes the conversation.

The scandalous dialogue is absolutely credible, Stoyan Tabachev assured a reporter of our media. He personally measured the width of the strips with a tape measure and it turned out that they were exactly 2.60 m, and not 3 meters according to the requirements of the law.

“The project is under engineering, which means that he (the builder) can do whatever he wants. A small amount of work was done for more money,” he commented.

Stoyan Tabachev is a third-generation Plovdiv resident. The site of his native house is now one of the pillars of the Rodopi overpass, and his wife’s house has recently been expropriated for the much-publicized expansion of Dame Gruev.

“For the reconstruction, there is a project from 1980, which provides for four lanes of 3 meters each and the demolition of the terrace of the Vastanik cinema in order to make the extension. Now there is no removal of the terrace. We want to implement the project from 1980, not this one!” – Tabachev is categorical.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the “Save Plovdiv” association Asen Kostov informed our media that Boncho Bonev requested that the screenshots with his dialogue with Stoyan Tabachev be deleted, and after the refusal he even reported the post as an irregularity, but the page administrator categorically refused.

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