Lower Silesia. Someone shot a horse worth over 400,000 PLN. “A hole so that the stick can be put in”

Police officers from Ząbkowice Śląskie accepted a report of a mysterious death of a horse on Sunday, August 16. His guardian told the officers that he was probably shot. A dead animal is horse the Arab race. The owner valued it at 440 thousand. zł.

Police She secured the traces at the scene, and the horse’s body was transported to Wrocław, where an autopsy will be performed. It is supposed to explain, among other things, which weapon the animal was shot with – informs the portal swiebodzice.naszemiasto.pl.

Could the hunters have shot the horse? “Hunting weapons don’t do that sort of thing”

It is not known who and why he shot the horse. The first suspicion fell on hunterswho last Sunday organized hunting in the vicinity of the stud. However, they deny it.

– The fence next to the yard is very extensive. The farm itself is approximately 50 meters from the buildings. The nearest pulpit from which someone could fire is 400 meters away. But there was no one there. […] I’m not a ballistics expert, but hunting weapons don’t do that. The hole was such that the stick could be inserted. Someone had to plan it in advance, get close. We all wonder how this could have happened – in an interview with TVN24 said the hunter of the “Wrzos” Hunting Association, Jacek Pawłowski.

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Limiting access to weapons is working

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