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Lower Austrian Football Association: History, Leagues, and Cup Competition

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The Lower Austrian Football Association (Germanː NÖFV-Niederösterreichische Fußballverband) is the leading body of football in the federal state of Lower Austria.

On 16 May 1911, the association was founded as the Lower Austrian Football Association (NFV). Also the Viennese clubs belonged zo the association because Vienna was a part of Lower Austria. The first championship started in September 1911, with eleven Viennese clubs taking part. SC Rapid became the first champions. [1] The championship already had mandatory kick-off times and there were relegation games between the first and second tiers.

After the First World war and the end of the monarchy Vienna remained the capital of Lower Austria. After lengthy discussions, the “Separation Act” was passed at the end of 1921 and Vienna became its own federal state on 1January 1922. This was also important for the Association. On 15 February 1923 it was divided into the Vienna Football Association and the Lower Austrian Football Association.

Man Level League Teams Austria NÖ 4. 1. 1. NÖN-Landesliga 15 teams 5. 2. 2. Landesliga Ost 14 teams 2. Landesliga West 14 teams 6. 3. Regional league North/Nordwest 14 teams Regional league Nordwest/Waldviertel 14 teams Regional league South/Southeast 14 teams Regional League West 14 teams 7. 4. 1st class North 15 teams 1st class Northwest 14 teams 1st class Northwest-Centre 14 teams 1st class East 15 teams 1st class South 14 teams 1st class West 14 Teams 1st class West-Mitte 14 teams 1st class Waldviertel 14 teams 8. 5. 2nd class Marchfeld 12 teams 2nd class East 14 teams 2nd class East-Mitte 14 teams 2nd class Pulkautal 12 teams 2nd class Steinfeld 12 Teams 2nd class Südliches Waldviertel/Wachau 13 teams 2nd class Thayatal/Schmidatal 13 teams 2nd class Traisental/Alpenvorland 14 teams 2nd class Triestingtal 13 teams 2nd class Wachau/Donau 13 teams 2nd class Waldviertel Zentral 13 teams 2nd class Change 12 teams 2nd class Weinviertel Nord 12 teams 2nd class Weinviertel Süd 12 teams 2nd class Ybbstal/Alpenvorland 13 teams 2nd class Yspertal/Alpenvorland 13 teams 8th 6th district class Weinviertel 12 teams Total 430 teams Women Level League Teams Austria NÖ 3. 1. AK Niederösterreich Women’s Regional League 12 teams 4. 2. Women’s Regional League Industrieviertel 12 teams Women’s Regional League Mostviertel 8 teams Women’s Regional League Nordwest-Waldviertel 11 teams 5. 3. Women’s Group West 7 teams Women’s Group Weinviertel 10 teams Total 60 Teams Youth

In the youth sector there are championships for U7 to U18 teams.

Lower Austrian Cup

The Lower Austrian Football Association also organizes a cup competition. There is no cup competition for women in Lower Austria.



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