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Love horoscope November 2022 for all signs according to Artemis

Love horoscope November 2022 for all signs according to Artemis

The first half of November brings a lot of worries associated with a loved one. This is a time of explosive feelings and acute emotional states, doubts and jealousies, love dramas. From November 16, the socio-psychological climate becomes more harmonious and this contributes to the improvement of relationships with loved ones and close people.

The transit of Venus through Scorpio transforms the sphere of personal relationships, but this process is accompanied by very strong emotional tensions and reactions. The entry of the planet of love into Sagittarius on November 16 will make people more open, sociable and positive. The general psychological climate will be more suitable for creating strong interpersonal bonds, for resuming relationships.

Venus and Mars in astrology are responsible for love and physical intimacy.

In second half of Novemberthe planets will be in opposite signs, which, on the one hand, causes explosions of internal conflicts in a couple, but, on the other hand, helps to experience all the delights of passionate love.

Mars retrograde in Gemini creates the right conditions for a long-term return to partners. Representatives of the stronger sex experience this period with more difficulty, so women need to be more attentive to their beloved and dear men.


This month is good for love relationships and anything that helps people to get closer, to understand each other better. If you have a family, then this month is more suitable for strengthening your relationships. If you decide to go on vacation, the good memories of your family holidays are guaranteed. If you’re not married yet, then it’s time to think about it. This month will bring new, interesting and mind-boggling encounters into your life.


This time period will be particularly varied in the sphere of love. You will finally be able to relax and enjoy life. If you are single, surely a suitable partner will appear in your field of vision. Inspiration will overwhelm you and fate will be more favorable to you than ever. Do not hinder your freedom with excessive responsibilities and obligations, but at the same time, beware of excessive dissipation of energy and resources on romantic partners.


If you are inclined to a more stable and orderly life, this month will seem too hectic. The wind of change will put your personal life in order, new hobbies and priorities will appear. Perhaps if you follow them, you will add many new interesting opportunities, romantic and enriching encounters to your life. Spend more time with friends, communicate on social networks, travel – this will have a positive impact on your life.


This month is likely to be the most interesting and active of all of 2022. A wave of new energy is pushing to change existing relationships. This is a good month to do something creative, interesting, like starting drawing or writing a book. However, this “variable” could be a new or love affair, a meeting with a former partner, as you will be more subject to the fascination of the opposite sex than usual. Do not lose the opportunity!


Your creative ideas and romantic hobbies are taking off to a new level this month. Be generous: the more you give now to other people and your loved one, the more you will receive in return. Don’t believe in common sense and logic as much as in your luck – it won’t let you down. A certain amount of suspicion towards a partner this month will only be useful – this will help you identify the weaknesses in your relationship and correct everything in time.


It is time to re-evaluate existing values, relationships and determine their role. This month will likely be less exciting, but at some point it will be necessary to slow down and reflect on the true meaning of what you and your partner can give to each other. November is conducive to finding the ideal person, but being brilliant and original is not enough. It is also necessary to strive for harmony, have a sense of proportion, take into account the point of view of another person.


If your family or couple have a common hobby, then this is the best month to practice it. You will be able to eliminate problems and strengthen your relationships. And when you go on vacation together, you will experience a lot of pleasure. If you don’t have a romantic partner or family yet, why not fall in love this month? Being among people, being active in social networks, participating in various educational events: one of the acquaintances can be… fatal.


You are incredibly attractive to members of the opposite sex. This month you can allow yourself to relax a little and savor the blessings of the world around you. Looking closer, you will find that there are many interesting and nice people around you, so loneliness does not threaten you. Romance and creativity help replenish energy reserves. It is important, however, to remember that joy and pleasure are not ends in themselves. By chasing them, you can lose both your way and yourself.


Obstacles in personal life in the first half of the month don’t necessarily have to question your relationship. It is important not to make premature conclusions and not to rush to break off relationships. From November 16th, enthusiasm and harmony in the sphere of love will enter your life. By the end of the month, there will be plenty of opportunities to change for the better, make your choice and possibly start living with a partner or form an “official” relationship.


External psychological tension can contribute to a crisis in family relationships. Anything could happen. Now it is important to understand that the near future will hold you a very important period of your life, so you need to free yourself from the closeness of people who draw strength and energy from you without giving anything in return. Visualize the image of your ideal partner, imagine what you would like to achieve in life together, unleash all your creativity and open up to new relationships.


A very important month for you and what is happening in your personal life will mark you for a long time. If you do not have a partner, in November there is the possibility of starting a relationship. The meeting can take place in the most unexpected place, while traveling or while chatting on social networks. Use your influence on others, take the initiative if you like a person. Maybe you’ve had relationships in the past that you re-tie: try to do as much as possible right now.


A favorable month for personal relationships and for gaining popularity. Whatever happens now, as a result, will affect your love sphere in the most positive way. If you’ve always dreamed of improving your living conditions or expanding your family, now is the right time to do it. Love relationships are closely intertwined with professional activities, a romance in the office or a mutually beneficial cooperation with a representative of the opposite sex is possible.

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