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Louis Vuitton Names K-Pop Group THE SSERAFIM as House Ambassadors

Leading luxury fashion brand from France Louis Vuitton has officially announced K-Pop girl group artists THE SSERAFIM becoming House Ambassadors for the brand. This announcement comes with their first appearance. Through the latest capsule bag collection campaign Sold only in the South Korean market.

by THE SSERAFIM received attention from Nicolas Ghesquière Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton Women’s Collection who invited them to attend the pre-fall fashion show held in Seoul Last April and also performed a show during the official After Party of the event.

Nicolas Ghesquière He revealed his feelings with excitement in getting THE SEERAFIM Become a House Ambassador. “I am delighted that LE SEERAFIM has become a House Ambassador for Louis Vuitton. We also remember the energy they displayed during the after-party of the pre-fall fashion show in Seoul. Each member has their own beauty and amazing style.”

THE SEERAFIM Debuted in 2022 with an EP album. “Fearless” Their music has continually received attention, winning the Rookie of the Year award from the awards ceremony. 2022 Asia Artist Awards and 2023 Seoul Music Awards Moreover, they are also on the list. 30 Under 30 of Forbes magazine as well as NewJeans after debuting less than a year ago.

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