Lost in the wilds of Tabuk for 24 hours… A child with autism returns safely to his family

After his family lost him yesterday morning in one of the wild areas west of Tabuk in northern Saudi Arabia, the child returned safely to his family after regional police and road safety forces , supported by the “Anjad” search and rescue team, managed to find the 12-year-old.

Tabuk is missing

In detail, a family lost their autistic son while camping in a wilderness area, so they searched the neighborhood for hours to no avail, to inform the security authorities and the “Enjad” team.

Search teams were deployed on site in cold weather and Engad participated in 35 search mechanisms together with the security authorities and also with the participation of gliders.

The site was surveyed for over 19 km, to be found this morning in good health.

Find the baby

terrain difficulty

It is noted that the search area was difficult terrain due to the presence of many rocks at the site and the loss of the child’s track more than once and the presence of predatory animals at the site as well as the arrival time of the communication was evening, which hampered search operations before members of the Enjad team and some were able to find him this morning. He was handed over to his family and is in good health.

The Injad team had announced on its official Twitter account the transfer of some team members after receiving a report of a child who disappeared on foot near Tabuk.

He also announced that the child had been found thanks to cooperation with the security authorities.

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