Losing the war against Azerbaijan, Armenia tries to enter into a defense pact with Russia

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – Defeat from Azerbaijan in war Nagorno-Karabakh brings Armenia heartache.

Even the Prime Minister (PM) Armenia Nikol Pashinyan also feel unacceptable with this defeat.

Signs of defeat Armenia itself was seen at the outset war where is UCAV Azerbaijan willingly bombed Yerevan’s armored units without being deterred.

Now Pashinyan emphasizes that his country is in a crisis after the defeat and is pushing for military cooperation leading to a defense pact with Russia.

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Quoted zonajakarta.com from AFP on Sunday (22/11/2020) Pashinyan called the post situation war for his country today it is much more difficult than the clashes in the past.

“We have a hard time before and after war. However the current situation was much more difficult than (war) before, “said Pashinyan.

Pashinyan’s statement came out after he learned that he was currently in the military Azerbaijan already occupying strategic points in Nagorno-Karabakh as a first step towards reclaiming the area after it was occupied Armenia since 1990.

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