Los Angeles City Council to Reconsider Reference to Wilmington Theater as a Historic Landmark

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday, January 13, to reconsider naming the Watville Grenada Theater in South Los Angeles as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Landmark.

1,000-seat theater in Wellington, 632 n. According to Wilmington Granada Friends, it has changed operators several times and is being used as a performing arts center, filming location, movie theater, Spanish cinema, church, and venue for special events.

The Wilmington Granada Friends organization is working to raise funds and reopen the theater as an independent movie theater and performance center.

“The reopening of the Wilmington Granada Theater will not only create jobs, but will also stimulate the economy by offering shows and movies.

“The Friends of Wilmington Granada are currently looking for local suppliers and community projects interested in being part of our project,” he adds. “We look forward to working closely with Wilmington residents and businesses.”

The theater was under consideration to be listed as a cultural-historical monument, but the time for consideration had expired. The motion to re-implement the review was presented by Councilman Joe Buscino.

“We have an incredible opportunity to name historically an important part of Wilmington’s history,” said Buscaino. “All Wilmington natives will share stories from childhood memories of this theater. The Granada Theater has the energy to revitalize the downtown sidewalk, so today we are moving in a movement to designate it as a historically preserved monument. “

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