“Tell me how you want” by Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar, the most popular radio station

According to Monitor Latino’s musical analysis, the duet song between Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar: “Tell me how you want”, is the most played song on Mexican radio stations.

In its statement, Monitor Latino indicates that “Tell me how you want” has positioned itself as a radio phenomenon as it is the song most played during a week in the radio circuit in Mexico with 5,226 reproductions in the week of January 4, 2021, achieving a total audience of 59 million 415 thousand 218 in 238 radio stations, reached in parallel the number one in the charts in Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Ecuador.

“In the 14 years of monitorLATINO, a song so played on the radio in a week in Mexico has never been reported … the most important thing in this is that it comes from 2 young people who show how well you can make music today; without a doubt It is an extremely successful team, Christian is shining, but Angela has a natural talent and a charisma that rounded off this achievement for both of them. Without a doubt, they must be followed very closely “, explained Juan Carlos Hidalgo CEO and founder of Monitor Latino.

In addition to the popularity in traditional radio, the song achieved remarkable reach on social networks and digital platforms by imposing itself as one of the most wanted songs in the most important Spotify playlists: “Éxitos México”, “Regional Mexicano”, “México Top 40”, “La Reina”, “Mega Éxitos 2020” and “¡Viva Latino!”, For example, resulting in 40 million listeners.

On platforms such as TIK TOK, the song was placed as a “trend” with about half a million videos, while the official video clip hosted on YouTube it exceeds 180 million views.


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