Lorraine sport | My legendary five from SLUC? This is the editorial debate

Gilles Gaihier

My legendary five: Linehan – Shuler- R. Greer – Lewis – Julian

“Obviously, this is only a personal opinion at an instant T of a D-day. So many great players have passed through SLUC Nancy. For having only played a few months, in a contest of specific circumstances (lock- out NBA), I deliberately put out of competition the prestigious Nicolas Batum.

For the position of leader, between the brilliant Steven Smith and the “virus” John Linehan, namely carp and rabbit, I chose Linehan. Becoming champion of France in 2011 represents, in my opinion, a stronger feat than winning the Korac Cup in 2002.

At post 2, I don’t forget Gomis, Jeff Greer, Christophe Lion but for me, the most talented and the most complete, was a certain Jamal Shuler, capable of driving, scoring, passing, creating.

At post 3, there are a lot of people again, notably a certain Tremmel Darden, but Ricardo Greer, MVP of Pro A, the Swiss knife par excellence, charismatic leader, is unforgettable.

As a strong winger, Derrick Lewis, capable of triple double, detonator of Nancy basketball at the highest level, has my preference before Pat Durham, Florent Pietrus, Adrien Moerman, Fabien Dubos, Victor Samnick.

Post 5, Olympic vice-champion, French championship MVP, Cyril Julian and his golden hands, enchanted Gentilly. He’s in front of Falker and Akingbala. “

Anthony Guille

My legendary five: Linehan – Lion – R. Greer – Zianveni – Julian

“Five players for a fiftieth club … The exercise looks like a puzzle but also a heartbreak as the choice has proven difficult between players who have marked the history of the club by their stats, their longevity or their track record with Nancy over the decades.

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But since it must be decided, I would first retain John Linehan as leader, author of the basket of the title in 2011. At the back, the trigger Christophe Lion who enchanted Nancy for thirteen seasons.

At the wing, I would select Ricardo Greer, captain of the Nancy squad during the 2008 title and MVP of the championship two years later in the Nancy jersey.

In the racket, not to retain Derrick Lewis is a heartbreak but I opted for Maxime Zianveni, for his record with Nancy (winner of the Korac, the Leaders Cup and three times vice-champion of France) alongside the “Warrior “Cyril Julian, one of the best pivots in the history of French basketball.”

Thomas simon

My legendary five: Smith – Lion – R. Greer – Lewis – Julian

“Extracting twenty names from the rich history of SLUC was already a puzzle. So, remember five of these twenty… With the same existential questions: why Mike James rather than Keith Jennings (a hesitation among many others) ? On which criteria to choose? Insoluble!

The selection of my “legendary five” will therefore be strongly tinged with subjectivity, personal inclination, and even, why not, nostalgia and memories weathered by time. My favorite five, sort of …

On my dream floor, we will find the charismatic Stevin Smith, the child of the Christophe Lion club, the handyman Ricardo Greer, the Cyril Julian monument and, his friend, Inspector Derrick Lewis. Strongly the start of the season! “

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