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Loreto: former mayor of the Punchana district is sentenced to 13 years in prison

The Judiciary sentenced the former mayor of the District Municipality of Punchana, Jane Adilia Donayre Chávez, to 13 years of imprisonment for the crime of aggravated fraudulent embezzlement, for appropriation and simulated influence peddling, at the request of the Specialized Provincial Prosecutor’s Office. in Corruption Crimes of Loreto Officials.

Also sentenced to 11 years in prison were Elvis Rober Donayre Chávez, brother of the aforementioned former mayoral authority; while the former head of the Budget Planning Office, Miguel Pinedo Ramírez, and the former head of the Treasury Office, Eduardo Isidro Mozzo Sibina, were sentenced to nine years of effective sentence and four years and six months of suspended sentence, respectively.

The provincial prosecutor Herve Aquino Espinoza, in charge of the support, managed to prove that, by order of the former mayor, Mozzo Sibina and Pinedo Ramírez issued six checks for the total amount of S/ 160,800 in the name of Marco Polo Rodríguez García, who was to collect and deliver the money to the brother of the former mayor, and then deliver it to the lawyer Castiglioni Ghiglinio with the aim of making an improper payment to officials of the National Election Jury (JNE) so that Jane Donayre Chávez is not removed from office.

As part of the sentence issued by the First Collegiate Criminal Court of Loreto, those sentenced must pay S/ 310,000 as civil reparation in favor of the State.

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