Looking Healthy Then Having Difficulty Breathing and Death, Beware of Happy Hypoxia Covid-19, Do You Need an Oximeter?

PR PANGANDARAN – the main symptoms Covid-19 which sufferers often complain about ranges from flu, fever, fever and cough.

However, the current phenomenon shows that most sufferers do not experience any symptoms, or are called people without symptoms (OTG).

However, in this category, more dangerous cases are found, where the sufferer suddenly has difficulty breathing and dies.

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Symptoms fall into categories Happy Hypoxia, decreasing levels oxygen which can lead to death in COVID-19 patients.

Quoted PikiranRakyat-Pangandaran.com from Antara, regarding this matter, cardiovascular specialist, Vito Anggarino Damay said, happy hypoxia can be experienced by patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19 who are being treated independently.

Therefore, everyone needs an oximeter to see the degree of decline oxygen during a pandemic.

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Please note, the oximeter is a measuring device oxygen which is being loved by people in environments with high levels of infection.

“Someone who is happy hypoxia may have mild symptoms that are not realized, not completely symptomatic. Maybe you need to provide it at home for those suffering from mild COVID-19 who are self-isolating,” he said.


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