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Hello friend of Tripadvisor,

I have a trip from Miami-London-Madrid, in London it is a 4-hour connection flight at Heathrow airport where I have to go from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5, the airline is British Airways.

I am Peruvian and I can only enter countries in the Schengen area, so I want to know if I need a transit visa at Heathrow or not, since I do not have a visa for the UK. Be careful, I’m not going to leave the airport because I have little time and also British Airways has told me that I pick up my bags until the end in Madrid, that is, at Heathrow I don’t take them out at all. But they do not tell me if I should go through immigration control again or just security.

The embassy, ​​on the other hand, only gives me this link to verify if I need a transit visa or not, but I still have the doubt.

Again, thank you very much for your support to get out of this uncertainty and I would appreciate it if you could tell me about your experiences with your transit pass through this airport.


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