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Lollobrigida: “Anti-fascism has led to deaths over many years”

The term “anti-fascism” is “too generic” and “unfortunately it has led to deaths over many years”. And it is “hardly representative of everyone” because “the violence perpetrated even in recent days by those who declare themselves ‘antifa’ and travel around Europe to lock up people or in universities which prevents the meetings of the academic senate from taking place does not belong to us”. The Minister of Agricultural Policies said this Francesco Lollobrigidaguest a In half an hour su Rai3.

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“The Constitution is the founding value of those who are anti-totalitarian and therefore anti-fascist in fact. The word anti-fascist has unfortunately led to deaths over many years”, continued Lollobrigida, who recalled how “in a few days it will be the anniversary of Sergio Ramellia boy killed at 17 because he had written an essay against the Red Brigades in 1975.

It was boarded up by anti-fascists. The term “anti-fascism”, therefore, “is too generic, I prefer to refer to the Italian Constitution which is structurally anti-fascist and on which I have sworn”.

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