Loka Club Volley begins; Itambe defeated Ahmedabad Madhyamam

Bangalore: Loka Club launched at Koramangala Indoor Stadium and Japanese club Suntory Sunbirds in the Volleyball Championship. Ithambe Minas, the Brazilian club, also got their first win. Both teams won in straight sets. In the opening match, the Sunbirds faced Turkish club Hulkaba. Ithambe defeated Nkspor (Score: 25-23, 25-23, 25-16) in the second match. Ahmedabad Defenders (score: 25-22) , 25-23, 25-19 ) fell.

The hosts are a tough game against the giants. Shown by Raya Ahmedabad Defenders. Along with Australian Max Seneca, Muthuswamy, Ashwal Rai, Ami Balwan, Manoj Manjunatha and Angamuthu are defenders. The dog fell into the ditch. Isaac Santos, Gustavo Orlando, Paulo Vinicius and Ithambe led In the first set, Ithambe finished with 16 attacks and def with 10 attacks. Nders didn’t do badly either. However, the Brazilian club eventually took the first set with straight points. Caught.

In the second set, Amit Balwan’s and Angamuthu’s Aswal Rai And when the attacks and the errors of the Itambe stars are added, the score is 23- Reached the level of 24. Caught going through another outside hit at crucial time Ch Ithambe won the second set as well. Although Ahmedabad took the lead at the start of the third set, it was a wealth of experience. Ithambe came back strong and took the set and the game. Sanchez is the top scorer of Ithambe with 20 points. Amit scored 13 points and Angamuthu scored seven points for the defenders.

Turkish Club Hulk Bank Spor Club as European representatives Devastated Japan club Suntory Sunbirds in World Championship Made their debut unforgettable. Hulkbank fought the first two sets to a tie, but the third set Tired of Hulkabank started with a comeback attempt in the third set. took the lead in However, the sunbirds who returned after the break did not mind later. He did not agree to touch the ground. Cuban outside hitter Alain Jr.’s breakdown Suntory’s jump was due to the demonstration.

There are nine attacking points and three each for block and serve points. Won by 22-year-old Alain. Opposite spiker with 13 attacking points and one blocking point Shyyan actor Dmitri Muserkiyev also gave a great performance. Captain Nimir A in the crucial stages of Hulk Bank rank. Many of Abdul Aziz’s smashes went wrong. Ninety-nine Irwin and eight attacking points were scored by Nimir. . Outside hitter Perrin John Gordon scored 11 attacking points. Mai Bhedpetta presented the performance.

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