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Loire: the mayor of Saint-Héand found dead after a burnout – LINFO.re

The information was communicated by the gendarmerie and the Saint-Etienne prosecutor’s office. The mayor of the village of Saint-Héand (Loire), Jean-Marc Thélisson (69), was found dead by his son in a wooded plot that belonged to him. An inquest is underway to determine the cause of his death.

Found dead on his property

On the evening of Friday March 25, Jean-Marc Thelissonmayor of the village of Saint-Héand (Loire), was found dead in a wooded area of ​​this town, said the gendarmerie and the prosecution. The discovery was made by his son, worried about his absence.

He had just carried out a burnout to clear the ground

Jean-Marc Thelisson was lying inanimate on a piece of land that belonged to him, where he had just burnt. It is a practice of clearing the area by incinerating the vegetation on the land to make it more fertile.

The gendarmerie seized of the investigation

An investigation was opened and entrusted to the gendarmerie in order to determine the origin of the death of the elected official. In this context, the prosecution ordered “toxicological and anatomopathological analyses, as well as an autopsy”.

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