Loire. Thanks to Facebook, she returns the military medal of a Stéphanois who died in 1917

On December 15, Thibault Heduin, farmer, took a cigarette break during his plowing in Caix near Amiens. He sees an object on the ground and, when he cleans it, discovers a military medal whose inscriptions are intact: Drevet Pierre on the front and Saint-Etienne on the back.

Thibault talks about it to his mother, Corinne, who decides to launch the research. “We live in a region with a sense of duty to remember and here farmers often find objects from the First World War”. We know that this land was trampled by soldiers during the bloody Battle of the Somme.

The group “You are from Saint-Etienne if …” gets involved

Corinne Heduin thinks of Facebook and finds a group called “You are from Saint-Etienne if …”. She posted pictures of the medal on both sides and quickly received reactions. Local historians propose to carry out research in the archives, some advise to contact the Maison de l’Armée, others suggest sending the plaque to the Estivareilles museum, several Drevets come forward. “I received 390 responses” she rejoices.

On the day of the post, Saint-Chamonais Arnaud Dola saw the ad pass and said to his wife Marie, “It would be great if he was from your family! “. Then, in the evening, he goes to his garage where a whole wall is devoted to the genealogical trees of the two branches of his couple and finds this ancestor. It appears a Pierre François Drevet, born December 14, 1875 in Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds and died June 3, 1917 in Noyon (Oise), he was 41 years old. He lived rue de la Montat in Saint-Etienne and leaves a widow, Jeanne, and two children, Jean and Guillaume.

He can then confirm to Marie, “It is indeed your grandfather”. The information is quickly shared on the family WhatsApp group since Marie has five siblings and many cousins. All are rejoicing.

The medal offered to the soldier’s mother-in-law

Pierre Drevet’s son was called Jean and his widow, Marthe, is still alive. She now resides at the Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert retirement home and has just turned 93, having survived a Covid contagion. The soldier who died on the battlefield is therefore his stepfather. Arnaud will suggest that he keep the medal as soon as he receives it. Otherwise, “she will join the wall of family memories.”

Corinne Heduin is also happy. “I found very nice people in this group, they commented, shared, suggested leads…”. She concludes: “I am happy that this soldier is returning to his family, even a century later”.

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