Local Stock Markets Gain Over 2.68 Billion Dirhams in First Sessions of the Week

Yesterday, the local stock markets gained more than 2.68 billion dirhams in the first sessions of the week.

The market capital of listed shares rose from 3.306 trillion dirhams at the end of last Friday’s session, to 3.309 trillion dirhams at the end of Monday’s session, distributed by 2.673 trillion dirhams for shares listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, and 635.966 billion dirhams for shares listed on the Dubai Financial Market.

Local stocks attracted more than 1.639 billion dirhams of liquidity, at a time when about 478.815 million shares were traded through 27.48 thousand deals.

The Dubai Financial Market index rose 1.37% to 3652.64 points, with a liquidity of 735 million dirhams, while the Abu Dhabi Securities Market index fell 0.32% to 97375.76 points, with a liquidity value of 904 million dirhams.

In Dubai, the “Education” share increased by 7.8% after completing a large direct deal on it with about 5.25 million shares at a price of 3.27 dirhams per share, with a total value of 17.17 million dirhams.

National Bonds Corporation announced its acquisition of an additional 5% stake in the Education Holding Group, bringing its ownership in the group to 22%.

In turn, the share of Emirates NBD Bank increased by 0.7%, and the share of “Empower” by 4.5%, while the share of “Dewa” was the most traded share, which rose by 6.4% at a price of 2.65 dirhams.

On the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, Emirates Arkan Steel rose by 0.7%. The most traded stock was “ADNOC Supply and Services”, with a turnover of nearly 19 million shares.

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2023-06-05 22:05:14
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