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Opponent BSV Phönix Sinzheim arrives at the Mörburghalle on Saturday with a clean sheet.

On Saturday, for the third consecutive time, the handball team TuS Schutterwald introduces itself to its fans, this time BSV Phönix Sinzheim will be guests from 19:30. So it is already a top match at the start of the season that Mörburghalle spectators can expect. The Schutterwalds have 4: 0 points, Sinzheim 6: 0 points in the account. The game becomes a real indicator – for both teams.

“Sinzheim have won three close matches, that speaks volumes,” warns TuS manager Markus Lais of an opponent arriving with a “large and homogeneous team with strong defensive players”. Meanwhile, colleague Kalman Fenyö put a stop to the euphoria after a recent 32:29 win at TV Oberkirch. “We could have been there just as easily with 0: 6 points. Each game could have gone to the other side. “

list changes

– Announcement –

Alexander Bossert (coach Rhein-Neckar Löwen II) and Fabien Winogrodzki (TuS Helmlingen) are no longer in the squad. Newcomers include expert Tobias Müller (TGS Pforzheim), Cedrik Lauppe (HGW Hofweier) and Aaron Falk (SG Ottersweier / Großweier).

For Schutterwald it is important to be focused again from the start. “We know how strong we are, but we have to take our opponents seriously,” Lais asks. Sinzheim has good opening moves in attack and good solutions in positional attack. In addition, the guests always act with the seventh player of the field, which makes them even more dangerous. “We have to break the 3: 2: 1 offensive coverage, so we can put pressure on the goal and build our own speed game,” explains Lais, who will likely be able to build on his whole squad.

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