Local elected officials inject a dose … of acceleration

The dIt’saim of the vaccination campaign in theHexagon, which has It’stIt’s la risIt’se named dother countries, piquIt’s ! Faced with the slowness of the first digits, number d‘It’sthe locals mobilizedIt’ss and have aboutIt’s their services at lAgence rIt’sgionale de santIt’s. And this, in order toinject a good dose ofaccIt’slIt’sration in this campaign which we will long remember the procrastination of the launch

Alain Salmon (92 years old), Daniel Edouard (80 years old) and the teacher of gIt’sriatry Pierre Jouannylhistory will remember thatapriss Mauricette (78 years old) at lhumbrellapital RenIt’s-Muret de Sevran in Seine-Saint-Denis, the first bIt’snIt’svaccine recipientsIt’sveloppIt’s by lamIt’srican Pfizer and theGerman BioNTech lhave It’stis to Dijon. At the Champmaillot center, more prIt’scisIt’sment, a service spIt’scialisIt’s with 60 beds for tall people âge dIt’sduring the CHU
C‘It’swas on 27 dIt’slast cember and a vIt’sritable glow ofhope appeared in the sky darkened since last March by the Covid-19six days lateriss that lUnion europIt’senne gave the green light at this vaccine.

Only thereat, in front of the slowness ofincrease in vaccine curveIt’sare in thehexagon compared to those of our European neighborsIt’sTo us , the lightisre was not da strong intensityIt’s at dIt’saim of the vaccination campaign. We can mêtell me thatshe faltersWhile that name of voix s‘It’slevisrent. Let us quote, for example, the gIt’snIt’sticien Axel Kahn, prIt’spresident of the National Cancer League, whose rant, titledIt’s ” autopsy ofa dIt’ssastre »made a loud noiseThis concludes même his platform by a Latin phrase… It’sbright: « To err is human, but they continue to? » Lerror is human but persIt’svIt’srer in theerror is diabolical!
A destiny messageIt’s to government and at lNational health agencyIt’s so that they change gearand that France does not remain a red lantern in the field and quickly regain a place worthy of its status and its infrastructures in the peloton of countries où vaccination must be in full swing.

Locally, number of‘It’slus intervened, explaining thatthey could put at provision of means and rooms to boost the movement. On the rIt’ssocial buckets, the mayor of Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, Guillaume Ruet, was the first tobetween them (see below). The mayor and prIt’ssident of Dijon mIt’stropole, François Rebsamen, is also mountedIt’s at crIt’sneau : « In addition to the vaccination of all nursing staff and the most vulnerable people accommodated in nursing homes, it seems essential to me that all adult volunteers can be vaccinated as quickly as possible. The slowness of dIt’smarrage and complexityIt’s administration, far from reassuring, arouse great misunderstandingIt’shension who must êthree levIt’se as soon as possible. If lwe want to convince the Fransçais whose trust s‘It’srode, we must act, and quickly! ».

Unity is strength

And theformer Minister of Labor to propose January 4 at lAgence rIt’sgionale de santIt’s ” the possibilityIt’s to put immIt’sdiatement at layout of premises, such as ZIt’snith, the Devosge room or the sports hall, for theorganization of mass vaccination centers for the population ». The mêmy day, at lissue de la rIt’sop cell unionIt’srational, the prIt’sboard chairIt’spartemental, François Sauvadet, also explained, having offered « lassistance and resources of DIt’spart in order to facilitate vaccination on Cumbrellate-dOr ».
Not without putting it backandt of the day the formula dAesop, lUnity is strength : « Cis together, IT’Sstate, DIt’spartement, Communes and IT’Sestablishments welcoming people âgIt’ses and handicapIt’ses, that we can rIt’sussir l’opIt’scomplex ration of vaccination! » Ludovic Rochette, prIt’ssident of theAssociation of Mayors of the Cumbrellate-dOr, communiqua It’salso: « LAMF21 is at the cumbrellatIt’ss municipalities to offer healthcare professionalsIt’s suitable placesIt’ss so thatthey can rIt’smake vaccinations as soon as possibleiss needs. Many It’sread from diffIt’srents territories of our DIt’spart have dIt’sjat expressed their willIt’s to participate. In order for the vaccination against Covid-19 to be a successiss, it must be massive but above all organizedIt’se on a dIt’shybrid triss court ! »

A lot of‘It’sdiles of the territory have thus mobilizedIt’ss so that the number of people vaccinatedIt’ses is rapidly exponential and that lwe leave « the rhythm of the family walk that‘It’swas neither at the height of the moment nor of the Françback », according to a formula attributedIt’se by the Journal du Dimanche au prIt’ssident of the RIt’spublic Emmanuel Macron.

Since then, vaccination centers have been set up the first two have It’stIt’s implantIt’ss at Brazey-en-Plaine and at Saint-Apollinaire. And this, so thatin addition to nursing homes, the vaccination campaign‘It’sreaches out to health workersIt’s, firefighters and helpers at home over 50 years old orIt’sfeeling factors at riskSo that the 100,000 vaccine population markIt’syou had to êthree dIt’spassIt’se Sunday January 10. And thearrivIt’sand des awardsisres doses of the vaccine dIt’sveloppIt’s by the am laboratoryIt’srican Moderna, in the territories où the rate ofincidence is the strongest, should, according to the Minister of SolidarityIt’ss and the SantIt’s, Olivier VIt’sran, « accIt’slIt’srer things… » In particular in the territories the Cumbrellate-dBut in fact dIt’snow gone Où l‘It’spIt’sand of Damoclesiss of curfew diss 6 p.m.It’se! But this is another topicjust as brandBesides, the procrastination of theIt’sgoal of the vaccination campaign!

Camille Gablo

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