Live viewing channel “Buakaw Banchamek” VS “Nayanet Aiman” RWS : Legend of Rajadamnern

December 2, 2023, live viewing channel Buakaw Banchamek, Thai people’s favorite fist. who will rematch again with Nayanesh Aiman, a boxer from the fierce bull country, RWS : Legend of Rajadamnern (RWS : Legend of Rajadamnern) in the evening. This time at 8:05 p.m. Thailand time, broadcast live on Work Point Channel 23

Buakaw Banchamek had previously defeated Nayanesh Aiman ​​by knockout in the first round in the 65th Kunlun Fight in China, and this fight by the latter It might be the last time he fights under kickboxing rules in Thailand.

Both Buakaw Banchamek and Nayanesh Aiman ​​both passed the weigh-in at 152.9 pounds without any problems. yesterday Before throwing a war of nerves, it was like adding fuel to the heat before the duel this evening.

Cr.Photo : RWS RWS – Rajadamnern World Series

2023-12-02 04:54:00

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