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General practitioners want a guarantee that the government provides enough corona vaccines. They would like to participate in the upcoming vaccination campaign, but do not want a repeat of the problems that arose with the flu shot this fall. Not enough of these turned out to be available; the demand exceeded the supply of 3.88 million vaccines.

“We want to make sure there are enough vaccines to vaccinate designated groups, GPs do not want to disappoint anyone,” said a spokeswoman for the National General Practitioners Association (LHV). The shortage of flu vaccines has caused a “hassle for GPs,” she says. “And that is not nice for GPs, but especially not for their patients.”

Vaccines against the coronavirus will not be delivered by the millions at the RIVM in Bilthoven immediately after approval by the European health authorities. They will be available in phases, that much is clear. According to the LHV, the fact that the population is also vaccinated in phases is workable, as long as enough doses are available for each group that has been designated.

People over 60

Vulnerable people come first: nursing home residents and people with intellectual disabilities who live in institutions. This is followed by people over 60 with a medical indication, then it is the turn of all people over 60 and then people under 60 with a medical indication and many care workers. Those who are young and healthy are the last to turn.

Last week, the LHV Members’ Council gave the green light to cooperate with the vaccinations, but attached various conditions, of which the availability is one. GPs will mainly vaccinate the elderly and the chronically ill, the same group that already gets the flu shot from the GP. The way in which flu vaccines are administered can serve as a kind of blueprint.

The GPs are now mainly waiting to see which vaccines will eventually come onto the market. It is clear that the vaccination round will cost them a lot of extra time. They therefore expect the government to facilitate them properly, for example when it comes to locations where vaccinations can be administered safely. “Municipalities or security regions may play a role in this,” said the spokeswoman.

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