With this campaign elements won the webad from »Leadersnet

The “data science project” for Steiermark Tourismus is “real new territory in terms of content marketing”.

Patrick Edelmayr, Managing Director of elements, and Lukas Höller, Head of Campaign elements, are happy about the Web Ad Bronze in the category “Best Data-Driven Campaign”: The main goal of the Datascience project in cooperation with Content Garden: the Styria guest better get to know. This was achieved with a completely new, targeted content marketing strategy that combines extensive data analysis with native advertising.

The procedure followed two major approaches: On the one hand, user-specific data from the Styria website was analyzed in order to identify relevant topics, booking data, InSite search queries, etc. On the other hand, specific, neutral content for Styria was natively embedded in online media in order to determine the attractiveness of the offers for external users (apart from the tourism portal steiermark.com). This made it possible to optimize website content using data analysis and digital content distribution and to integrate targeted landing pages in magazine form in Austrian and German online daily media in a fully native way. “A great award for both Styria Tourism and the two long-term agency partners who are breaking new ground in terms of content marketing with this strategy”, it reads in a broadcast. (red)


You can find all award winners here.


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